Speaking My Peace



As another year comes to an end. I have no definite resolution. Honestly I never make them. I just commit to daily resolutions. Dont need a year to change to evolve. Clinging to prayer and the readiness to move for what I seek to manifest. Prayer has been one of my closest friends since I was a young girl. For the words, I didn’t speak and the words no one cared to listen to. I sent them up to God. For me, prayer means calling home. My prayers have three categories: Help Me, Thank You and Oh My which usually means I am blown away or being tested.

I try to be mindful to not go into prayer asking for something all the time. We all have that one friend or family member always in need. Never showing up just because. Asking God to cover and bless all. The poor, sick and those who are waiting in hopes not to faint are very near to my heart.

Remembering to lift the difficult ones on our path up in prayer. I’ve always believed that interceding for someone means to carry them to the throne with you. Asking God to have his way although you have a few ideas on how to get them together. No time for jumpsuits and trading in freedom for a cell. So we pick our battles even when they try to pick us.

No bible thumping on the head because I know how hard “letting go and letting God” can be. You almost wonder if losing it would resolve the unresolved.  God promised if His people would walk in obedience. He would make the land incredibly fruitful and productive. I don’t know about you but that isn’t something I can afford to miss in this cold world. So instead we pray calling on real, truth and light to help us be a blessing and not a burden.

I know that I am the actions that my ancestors did not get to finish. The words my grandmothers weren’t allowed to speak. So here’s to gratitude over complaining. Complaining is graceless. It is also a dangerous way of living. As you make yourself a victim of circumstance.

We will not do this life thing unscathed and never feel pain. We will experience adversity. It’s what we do next that determines when our strength is renewed to be victorious.  Gratitude is radical kindness and appreciation to God for life. A living prayer to never overlook the small things that carry us through to the big things. We will do the things that bring joy and frustration to one another all in the same breathe.

Give what you want to see come back to you. Know who we are and love yourself in strengths and weaknesses. Remember to apply the same kindness to the community. Believing God will heal all the spaces in you that light and air can’t reach.

You will carry your insecurities and messy parts into 2018 because it is only a few days away. You are a person and not a machine. There is no reset button that you can push at midnight on December 31 because you are human. What you can do is make the future something that you want to see. Prayer is transforming. It changes you and those around you. Take it with you into every moment. Silent or out loud you will never be the same. We also remember to do our part and meet what we’ve submitted half way by springing into action.



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