Are You Good? 

-Alice Walker 🌻

Are you good means seven different things to my people. 

  • We beefin?
  • I love you
  • Have you eaten?
  • You’re being cranky
  • Want anything else?
  • Got laid off?
  • Had a break-up?

We have our own language. A way of speaking that isn’t just words. Body language, a PhD in behaviors with ability to read one another. It is my hope that assumptions are dismantled. May we build compassion and understanding in its place.  Hope we can be the “you good” coalition. Heal and transform as a community. There is strength in numbers. Here’s to community and hard conversations that serve as a vehicle to breakthroughs. May all communities be blessed and healed. I really hope mine catch a few breaks. I hope you’re good. We should call upon good examples and virtue. Invite them back into our conversations and community as favored friends.


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