Olympic Shade Throwing: A Played Out Narrative 

The approval or disapproval of others doesn’t make a difference in who you are. It took me years to master this lesson. No one can stop what is for you. No amount of secret hatred or known hatred. The problem lies in if you care. So do you? 

If you want to stop feeling bothered. Work your way through it. You will have to feel the pain of being attacked and sit with being misnamed. Then you’ll arrive in a place unscathed and unfazed.

This is when your blessings come. The ones that take your breathe away. Reached the other side still standing harboring none of the poison they tried to snuff you out with. Trust me. I’m a living, breathing testament.

This is for thoes of you who have let throwing shade become your narrative. You are living your life in hopes of their approval, acceptance and validation. But what you dont understand is your attempts at showing that your living well.

Your letting all your insecurities hang out. Sad part is while you’re behaving like this they are sitting with popcorn and juice. Watching the show they have orchestrated because you’ve given them your power. Snatched it back today.

Speak the words you swallow that are buried in your throat. Live your life as a thank you note to God and a love letter to yourself. You are worthy and you deserve freedom. Break every chain and leave this played out narrative to the puppet masters. You deserve a life that feels like the needed breeze on a hot summer day. You can no longer sing of being the caged bird if the cage your in has the door wide open. Free your mind today.



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