Airplane Mode

By the window looking out

No fear or doubt

As we soar above the clouds

Gravity is loud

But we aint’t coming down

The view is beautiful from here

My eye won’t shed a tear

 We strive for moments like this

The past can’t get a kiss

Our lives are filled with bliss

The blessings prove

Everything I thought

That all blessings aren’t tangible

My soul can’t be brought

Disrupting every lie we’re taught

Where this faith can take us 

How life-giving words is a must

We don’t speak on it often 

Somehow we know the ride will soften

Winds may come

Rain may fall 

We stay ready in the hall 

Until our numbers called

To walk through the door

What is for us will not miss us

We don’t care if they diss us

Time to catch out flight

Switching over to airplane mode tonight

Our time is coming 

No need for running

After things that won’t satisfy

And only feed us a lie

Spoke to God and he said just hold on

Everything the devil stole

Your getting it back plus tenfolds

In your skin is the win and the gold

So be yourself

Go right although the crowd goes left


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