A Particular Route: Deliverance


There is a vicious cycle that holds so many hostage today. This belief that you aren’t enough as you are. That you need to be more or take it down a notch to be deemed worthy of good things. Please stop picking yourself apart we all fall short. I have yet to come across a perfect human so cut yourself some slack. The good people myth is as fake as the person attempting such a facade. Standing at the intersection of I don’t know and can I get a minute. You look at the roadmap of your life and see roadblocks and landmines. Sending your inner monologue into autopilot programmed by a critical voice.

This voice is crippling and needs to sit down somewhere and stop talking. Robbing you of the ability to see life-giving opportunities and speak life-giving words. The path you are on is different and odd. There is a well of beauty in you. That you add to this world for you to transform lives of people that you are assigned to. Yes as cliche as it may sound I believe that we are all here for a particular assignment. Some tap in and answer the call and others try on the identity of someone else. Comparison is the thief of joy and no one can take from you what you do not give. Take your power back.

You’ve taken some losses that knock the wind out of you. Some of them were yours to take and learn lessons. Others imposed upon you from family, friends, strangers. There are those you don’t know why they came for you. You have a story. You are not a punchline. Life doesn’t go according to plans and sometimes we don’t know what the plan is. Clocks are ticking and milestones are looming. The whole world is moving and you feel like you are standing still. You’ll have to dance, praise and pray your way through. You may even laugh until you cry but don’t stop going.Shake the burdens off your shoulders. Lose the chains that feel like boulders. Let things fall away that makes you cold.

Be mindful of what you say to yourself. Whatever you believe about yourself will come to an agreement with what people say about you. This will keep you stuck. My God what scars does that leave on a person. We have no other alternative but to keep moving with determination. Embrace your deliverance from all the things that stifle you. You are the truth in the face of lies. A question and answer to why. If you choose to own on your path. There isn’t a science or exact math. You deserve good things despite all those times you did not measure up. Worthiness is not based on merit. It God’s love for you and the blessings tailored-made for you. When you find yourself drifting off grace highway. Remember all the times God has delivered you.

via Daily Prompt: Particular


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