Fade to Black


Dear Past,

I have decided to not love you from a distance. Hope you watched me walk away. I would not want you to miss it. You always have something to say so you’ll dismiss this. You are a coward but I know you’ll never make the confession. You don’t even know me and that’s my best guess. You want to pretend that I am the common denominator and you are a victim of loving me too much. But you can’t stand me and you know it in your gut. Peace to this. I’m loving my self well these days. I live in the moment. My circle is full and fueled by genuine souls. Believe me, God broke the mold. I don’t have to fold to fit in they peep my gold. I win being me in the skin I’m in. God is the pilot I can no longer be silent. Because I’ve learned to love myself and my self-talk is no longer violent. Taking up residency in dysfunction and chaos doesn’t make me content. You could never understand where I am going or where I’ve been. Why I smile and how I’m glowing. This riddle isn’t out of spite. It’s a formal declaration that you no longer have right to rock the mic. I’ve found my voice and it’s meant to reach the highest of heights. Sorry if my glory isn’t to your delight. Fight or flight. Peace.

-The future

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