Break the Shell: Popularity vs. Authenticity


Growing up I wasn’t like anyone else seemed to be. Of course, none of them were like they seem to be either, but I didn’t know that then. All for the sake of being popular. Folding to fit in with people who weren’t even authentic. Going deep into the darkness looking for acceptance and love in all the wrong places. For a seat at a table that none of us constructed. Because asking yourself who’s table is this that I want to sit at is a vital question.

Why are we not trusting in our ability to construct our own tables and seats? Please know that said table and seat is a metaphor for self-identify and belonging. So who says that you can’t build your own foundation with your true self, ideas, beliefs and moral structure. Who says that you aren’t a visionary blessed to build and welcome others who do not fit the norms.

Honestly, if I am going through the trouble of moving mountains why is it for popularity? How does that feed me or my community? I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your heart. To question why you do what you do? What motivates you and drives you. Isn’t your integrity more important than being popular with what seems cool? How does it serve you in the long run? In my heart, I have one desire and that is to be true to myself no matter what that revolution looks like to anyone else. No disrespect but I sleep well at night adhering to my truth. Is this the meal that popularity serves you?

Navigating through life being someone other than yourself is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Peel back all the layers you’ve put between you and who you are meant to be. And life will reward you. With people it may be conditional more times than none. Build your own table and serve truth. Pour out glasses of humility. And offer napkins that cleanse away untruths. Pull out a seat that offers stability. There is work to be done. Surround yourself with people who hold the light so you all can affect change. This too takes a village.


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