Note To The Courageous Heart: Letting Go


I hope this helps your heart find peace. What looks like running to some is bravery and needed self-care for a weary heart. This life wasn’t meant for you to spend fighting and in a constant war. With others and self. You have the power to filter what is within and without. What serves your greater good and what must go. You choose the people that you allow to occupy space and do life with. You choose the company you keep. And while you do not get a choice when it comes to family you must choose to head off in the right direction. When the relationships are filled with pollution and no one is ready for resolution. Because timing is everything.

Your heart deserves to beat freely in a place where love feels like breathing. It is involuntary and your body naturally knows without thinking or hesitation the breath is needed. You aren’t mindful to breathe unless you find yourself in a space that requires you dig deeper. This is love. You aren’t difficult to love some just aren’t willing to do the work. Don’t let people keep causing you pain trying to get what they don’t have to give. Guard your heart. Sometimes that may require that you put distance between you and others. Please don’t allow their inability to love you cause you to withhold love from yourself. And cause a blockage with those who come with clean hands.

Know that it is ok to find peace and closure in situations that have closed you out. I know you want to see the best in people but sometimes you must love them where they are and leave them there. Don’t let bitterness make a home in you. Because it will eat at all that is good. The old saying is true misery loves coming because it brings you to its level or lower. You deserve joy, peace, and love don’t let the ugliness others try to pour into you drown that out. Be gentle with yourself. This world will beat you up enough. Your help isn’t needed. Today, know it’s OK to let go ️to move forward. This world typically doesn’t applaud giving up, but there’s beauty in letting go.

It shows you know what’s best for our growth: failing and learning from it. Loving and having loss means you put your heart into something. I hope you find closure and don’t allow the toxicity, holding on for the sake of history hold you back. Real love is the only love and it first began within and applying to self. I know it’s hard to keep a tender heart in a harsh world. But your heart and love is needed. Only you can give what you’ve been uniquely gifted to give to this world. For ever tear, dark thought and emotional roller coaster you been on. I hope you know your heart doesn’t have to be implanted in another being to have a home.

For every time you were cheated, mistreated and mislead I pray double the blessings finds you. I hope your courage has a spine and you rise stronger. And gift yourself self compassion when you stumble. I hope you use your voice to let life know you will not bend or break to be a ladder for people to climb to greater heights any longer. Because you are purposed. Set yourself free.


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