Safe Relationships

As I amp up my involvement in the community this last year in my twenties. And indulging in some of my favorite hobbies. Safe relationships keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. I have been pushing past all the feels to introvert and shy away from trying new things. Dismantling my comfort zone of staying in my house. Which is the downside of cultivating a good home space, you never want to leave. Recently as I declutter my space physically and mentally. I see myself coming into another level as a woman. Its beautiful and breathtaking. The journey to this version of me has been painful. Growing pains worth all the tears. And the reason heavenly security stands guard at my heart with all the keys. I’ve become mindful of what connections with people give me anxiety or cause me to second guess myself and question their actions constantly. I can only be responsible for self. How people interpret my actions when my boundaries are clear and healthy communication has been defined. Isn’t my responsibility any longer. For me safe relationships mean :

  • Healthy communication
  • Clear boundaries
  • Mutual respect
  • Compromise
  • Support
  • Consistency
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Kindness
  • Peace filled
  • Speaking up
  • Ability to resolve conflict
  • Forgiveness
  • FUN
  • Work
  • Prayer
  • Encouragement
  • Reality checks

While I know there will be storms and evolving does not mean that toxic people will not come in and try to pollute my space. I will be mindful to check it right away and also self examine my behavior in situations. I want the peace that surpasses all understanding. I deserve safe relationships and anything outside of that I am not interested. There is a time for everything. And I am outgrowing old ways, habits, mindset and people daily. But I let go with kindness to embrace safe spaces and relationships. I can no longer hold onto toxic relationships because of history. False nostalgia is very real, walking away is imperative. Toxic relationships defy logic. Canceling your participation in such relationships is ok. Lets encourage it and respect self improvement.


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