Lost and Found

As we are becoming. Becoming who we would have been if no one has pushed their agendas or opinions. We find ourselves in and out of lost and found. You say "I am lost" Yet you are are still here and whatever present task you have. That gives you purpose however big or small. No... Continue Reading →


Yes You Are!!

If you are still breathing and well enough to read these words. You have a God-sent mission. You are enough. More than some popular catchphrase. More than likes and status updates. More than your mistakes. Even if you think you aren't qualified. If no one claps or pats you on the back. You are purposed... Continue Reading →

Thin Air

I stand before you but you do not know who I am You call me sis, friend, cousin and fam I bend myself like an acrobat Hand you the roadmap Show you genuine and authentic You say I'm just pretending All based on that one time I was out of damns to give You chain... Continue Reading →

Jolly Good Segway

There are people who come only to take. You can't see anything but their teeth when they need something, as my grandmother would say. It is up to us to give and to say "no" when needed. Stand firm in our light, and truth. The people who get us. Know without explaination how we want... Continue Reading →

Visionaries Never Fail

As he climbs upon this mountain They said that he would fail He lift his hands to the sky because he broke the shell Pushing through discomfort Real love discovered Had it not been for the bumps and bruises Going where he chooses He found the wins where they thought he would loose it Thinking... Continue Reading →


The memories are distant Although they are persistent I had locked them away My body made me pay For the time I said no Yet you thought I mean't go For telling me I wouldn't amount to anything You weren't bluffing Everytime you said it you dug a deeper hole Said if I spoke my... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: Rejection

I dare not to speak the name Ever since I peeped game Stood in it to get through it Equipped with prayers and witt Was too legit to quit What if I tell you how I danced so hard Until time passed on and healed all my scars How I laugh so loud Caused joy... Continue Reading →

Fly High

There is a race to be ran Turning can't into can As we proceed we must take only what we need Suffering as we plead Bargining our behavior in hope's of a favor Faith is equal parts, prayer and labor Be still to allow what is beyond us to work Moving these hands to purge... Continue Reading →

The Tough Ones

It's cliche I know. "Tough times don't last but tough people do". The stories I could share. One thing after another. The moments of feeling lost and unloved. The path from broken down to standing solid is one crazy ride. However, the miracles, the kind people and breakthroughs surpass all the horrible unthinkable things that... Continue Reading →

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