Poetry Prompt: Knitting

As I knit these words together I hope they serve you better My ear and your words are like needle and thread How two become one as they wed Weaving and sewing this beautiful tapestry Uncovering stolen ancestry Magnificent patchwork Mending the hurt Unraveling the evils spoken over us at birth I'll match your worth... Continue Reading →


Deep Breathes

For the words we do not say The things that get in the way Staying present in today When we find solutions Speaking truth with no dilution It's a revolution Rising with the sun Catching our breath as we run Hoping the shooters put down their gun Knowing God will fight these battles Picking up... Continue Reading →

Poem: Higher

You spoke over me when the world said I wasn't enough Imagine my surprise when you called my bluff Made me with a purpose Look beyond the surface Held in your hands You wrote the blueprint and knew the plans I do my dance To set my soul free You prayed for me So faithfully... Continue Reading →

Poem: Surfing

Wave after wave No longer a slave of what they think of me Free to be How can I pretend that these waves aren't cleansing me Mending me Sending me To sit at your feet Laying out all the currents I know you can defeat Water washing over me Taking their control off me I... Continue Reading →

Exit Strategy

The whole theme of my life recently. Has been God showing me why he uprooted me from where I thought I needed to be. Planted me where I am. I am so full. Praise hands, singing and thank you's repeatedly doesn't seem like enough. It doesn't make sense when our plans fail. When people reject... Continue Reading →

Poem: Wandering and Wondering

Wandering in the wilderness Found bliss Stripped of what was old Far removed from things that could taint your soul Living life an open book What about the page they took Taking kindness for weakness Threatened by the light of your uniqueness You should tell your stories How they taught you to maintain peace When... Continue Reading →

Poem: Revelations

What if you didn't have to become less of yourself to survive Instead you unfolded and came alive Do you know who you would be How you would see Would you move differently Inspire others to live free Do you know that there is healing in your laugh Greatness on your path Do the math... Continue Reading →

Poem: Wings Of Forgiveness

She kept holding on as if this made her strong This narrative was outdated and wrong Until one day she could not stand the pain As her grip loosened her eyes began to rain Indecision she could no longer sustain Fake love from one sided friendships Broken pieces from kinship Careful of whose cup she... Continue Reading →

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