Poem: True Colors

You push people away Then wonder why they did not stay Even in the mirror you aren't face to face With yourself because you live in space Where everything is and nothing isn't Locked inside a self inflicted prison There are many layers to everything Even when you think you see all that can be... Continue Reading →


Poem: Break The Cycle

You were dealt a bad hand Want someone to understand It was not fair, that is so true Still, it's up to you How you play those cards Pick at the wound or heal the scars The actions that follow are yours Open the windows break the hinges off the doors To your soul Would... Continue Reading →

Poem: Passing These Things On To You

Make certain the ones after me don't inherit silence Mindful not to fill their hearts with words full of violence Advise that they don't have to live life paranoid Throwing shade to fill a void Teaching them to forgive In the worst of times, hold on to their will to live Although I cannot hand... Continue Reading →

Rooting For You

I know at times you feel slept on Like they can't see you in your zone Maybe it hurts worst because "they" are apart of your village You thought they would be proud to see you kill it Maybe in their silence You shouldn't create violence Those who invest in your value will be magnified... Continue Reading →

Why I Write. Why do you Write?

Alot of my poems were written years ago sitting on a job that I loathe working for a very cruel and mean spirited man. During that time I had no voice. I found my voice and now I share my stories through poetry. I don't write for likes or validation. I write for the voiceless... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: Unshakeable

Bring your mistakes into the light Make known your phlight I'm no preacher Possibly a teacher I've fallen a few times Missed some signs Heavy is the load of those blinded by self Selling their soul for power and wealth Chasing trends Accepting company of fake friends No longer aware of where truth and fantasy... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: You Are Equipped

You can't hold me in these chains Condition me in your brains I don't want fame Not interested in playing your game You'd have everyone believe that your truth is bible Labeled misfits, thugs and angry as if this information isn't libel I will not support your lie Busting up your system giving it a... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: Outcast

The invite to the table isn't all its cracked up to be Everytime I spoke they would silence me Speaking over my words As if they were allergic to nouns and verbs I had something to say Their envy got in the way So out of place Tolerance running out of space Laughing hoping the... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: Olive Branch

She lost the key the day that she gave up her voice Not surrendered by choice Taken without consent Trust fractured and spent Wasn't afforded the space for her identity to grow Forced to go with the flow Carrying unworthiness upon her back Catching flack and taking smacks Walking on eggshells A challenge with no... Continue Reading →

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